The Ocean Around Mumbai Is The Most Polluted In The World

by Shreya J
The Ocean Around Mumbai Is The Most Polluted In The World

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A global study says that the plastic accumulation near the seas of Mumbai has drastically increased over the years.

What Is It?

The survey was conducted on four beaches of Mumbai- Aska beach (7.9%), Versova Beach (28.8%), Juhu Beach (55.33%) and Dadar (18.6%). However, the most polluted of these beaches was the Juhu Beach with the highest quantity of micro plastic. The major marine litter is produced due to recreational and religious activities.

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Image via Pixabay

What Else?

Due to the sea pollution increase, even the sea creatures have been facing the brunt of it and in 2018 alone, 8 marine mammals have been dead and swept to the shore, out if which there were 7 dolphins and one porpoise. The similar situation has occurred in Bandra recently while there have been 89 such cases in Mumbai since 2016. However, the post-mortem results for these dolphins are going on and the results will soon come to light.

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