The Ultimate Guide To 2024’s Travel Trends: What’s Next For Explorers?

by Mallika Khurana
The Ultimate Guide To 2024’s Travel Trends: What’s Next For Explorers?

Welcome to Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024 report, your portal to the exciting world of travel in the upcoming year. This report is your key to unlocking the trends that will define the way we explore our planet in 2024, with insights drawn from their vast treasure trove of data and a deep understanding of global traveller behaviour. In 2024, it’s all about embarking on journeys that stir the soul, where destinations inspire unique feelings, and where the world becomes your playground. So fasten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on a thrilling expedition into the future of travel, guided by the Skyscanner Travel Trends 2024 report.

Seven Distinct Travel Trends For 2024

At Skyscanner, they have leveraged their unique position in the travel industry, searching over 80 billion prices daily and connecting millions of travellers worldwide in 52 countries and 32 languages. They’ve identified seven captivating travel trends for 2024, encompassing four culture-led travel vibes and three behavior-led travel types. Let’s dive into these trends:

Culture-Led Travel Vibes

Culture-Led Travel Vibes
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1. Gig-tripping

Forget seeing your favourite band in your hometown; it’s now all about catching them live in a foreign country. In 2024, 37% of Indian travellers are ready to fly short-haul to see their beloved artists. Furthermore, 79% are open to attending gigs or festivals abroad to save money, making this trend truly harmonious.

2. Main Character Energy

Travellers are immersing themselves in the cultural zeitgeist by stepping into the shoes of their favourite on-screen characters. While 94% of Indian travellers find inspiration in films and TV shows, 62% take that inspiration and book a trip.

3. Budget Bougie Foodies

A staggering 59% of Indian travellers are now choosing their destinations solely based on specific restaurants they want to visit. In 2024, it’s all about enjoying gourmet experiences without breaking the bank.

4. Destination Zzzz

Sleep matters, and 66% of Indian travellers claim they sleep better while on holiday. With 46% feeling the need for a “sleep retreat remedy,” 2024 is all about indulging in restful getaways.

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Behaviour-Led Travel Types

Behaviour-Led Travel Types
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5. Analogue Adventurers

In an age dominated by digital devices and constant connectivity, Gen Z is craving old-school analogue adventures. They’re ditching their screens to travel the way it used to be done, embracing a more unplugged and authentic experience.

6. Celebration Vacationers

Celebrations are a big part of travel in 2024. A remarkable 81% of Indian travellers have taken a group trip to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Thailand emerging as the most popular destinations for group trips.

7. Luxe-For-Less Seekers

Luxury doesn’t have to break the bank. In 2024, 37% of Indian travellers plan to upgrade to business or first-class flights, while 44% intend to purchase airport lounge access for a touch of elegance from the very start of their journey.

Global Travel Trends For 2024

Global Travel Trends
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  • More than ever, travellers worldwide are seeking cultural experiences. While value for money remains important, culture now largely influences travel choices. In fact, 41% of global travellers are drawn to the overall vibe of a destination.
  • Furthermore, despite budget constraints, 81% of global travellers plan to travel as much or more in 2024 than in 2023, and 76% intend to spend the same or more in 2024.
  • For many travellers, the price of flights (30%) remains the top cost factor, but their research indicates that more people are willing to upgrade their travel experiences, investing in extras that enhance their journeys.

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Indian Travel Trends Snapshot

Indian Travel Trends
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  • Indian travellers are enthusiastic about exploring the world in 2024. 86% of them plan to take the same number or more trips abroad compared to 2023, while 43% consider the overall “vibe” of a destination essential when making their travel choices.
  • The research also highlights that Indian travellers are increasingly valuing short-haul travel, with many of the top trending destinations conveniently located close to cities. 
  • Moreover, the 2024 travel decisions for Indian tourists are primarily driven by food (71%), culture (65%), and weather (65%), and the most popular holiday activities include shopping (49%), historical tours (45%), and sampling local cuisine (38%).
  • The importance of value for money continues to shape Indian travel preferences, with the cost of flights (26%) and attractions (18%) significantly influencing destination choices. In 2024, 63% of Indian travellers have budgeted to spend more on travel compared to the previous year.

The travel landscape for 2024 is an exciting mix of cultural exploration, unique experiences, and a commitment to embracing different aspects of the world.

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