The Westerners Just Discovered Khichdi As An ‘Ultimate Bodybuilding Staple’ And Desis Are In Splits

by Shreya Ghosh
The Westerners Just Discovered Khichdi As An ‘Ultimate Bodybuilding Staple’ And Desis Are In Splits

No matter in which corner of India or the world we live in, the one thing that our soul craves when we are sick is khichdi. Khichdi is a magical food that we Indians are a huge fan of and hardly anyone dislikes it. Every Indian household prepares this dish and gorges on it on many occasions. Many have it during the Shravan month, many eat it with fried potatoes and fried eggs during the monsoons, there are so many stories of khichdi in different Indian families.

Westerners Just Discovered Khichdi As An ‘Ultimate Bodybuilding Staple’

Indians’ staple khichdi is suddenly the talk of the town and the reason behind it is not Indians. Tom Mills, a fitness content creator and enthusiast who makes content on diets and workouts, recently uploaded a video on the preparation of ‘Chicken & rice’. He showed all the steps to prepare this dish on the reel and also claimed it to be ‘the ultimate bodybuilding staple’. Tom uploaded this recipe video with the caption, ‘Chicken & rice – the ultimate bodybuilding staple, the best one of all time? Well yes that is a bold statement, so I guess you’re just going to have to try it for yourself 🤷‍♂️’. He also mentioned the ingredients, recipe, nutrition amount, and all the details in the caption.

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Desis Are In Splits After Watching This Reel

The dish that is a staple in every Indian household is now claimed as the ultimate bodybuilding staple. Desis are laughing their hearts out after watching this reel. Many netizens are finding a resemblance to preparing khichdi in the video. While some are also thinking of it as chicken fried rice. Whatever the dish originally might be, the one thing that is literally setting off everyone is the addition of sriracha mayo on top of the khichdi, bell peppers, and chicken cubes.

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This looks like a very weird and bizarre food combination and the desis just cannot take it anymore. Khichdi is a very healthy dish, it tastes delicious too. We guess this preparation of only chicken and rice will taste well and quite similar to what we have in our houses. But the thing that no Indians are liking is the sriracha mayo on top of the bowl.