The World’s First Floating City Will Soon Be A Reality

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
The World’s First Floating City Will Soon Be A Reality

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an ocean name on your address? Well, this could soon be reality! The world’s first floating city will take shape within the next decade, experts reveal. Water-based communities will help balance the impact of climate change, combat overcrowding and poor living conditions. Isn’t that a superb initiative?

What’s It?

The floating city will be docked 1km from land, allowing people to rethink they way they eat, play or use the neighborhood. In a World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, floating cities turned out as a viable answer to upcoming challenges. “Floating cities sound like a crazy idea but they could lead to all sorts of possibilities if done in the right way,” Victor Kisob, deputy executive director of UN-Habitat said.


Last year, the United Nations kicked off a discussion on the topic after which next steps have been discussed. Very soon, a protocol will be created with partners from the private sector. This will then be tried and tested. The floating modules will be made of platforms which will be secured to the ocean floor. The water community can house tens of thousands of residents and will be self-sustainable. That also means, residents can grow their own food, generate energy and recycle waste.


The effort is an initiative to ensure very less waste comes out from the community in order to make this sustainable. Oceanix, a non-profit organisation designed the concept for the world’s first sustainable floating community. We also hear that the city will generate its own power and heat using renewable sources like solar, wind, wave and current. Water will be obtained using rain generation and vapour distillation technologies.

“We are looking to partner with a country that shows recognition of the global issues around urbanisation and a strong leadership that is willing to think outside of the box to effect change,” said Victor Kisob, deputy executive director of UN-Habitat.

What Else?

Meanwhile, a one-of-its-kind property is coming to Ras Al Khaimah this year. Anantara’s stunning new eco-resort will be docked on the water. The resort is inspired by over the water resorts in Maldives. And that also means Ras Al Khaimah will soon be perfect for honeymoons.

What’s In It?

Anantara’s Mina Al Arab boasts 300 guest rooms, and suites. However, the highlight of the property are the Maldivian-style overwater villas. Situated in a secluded corner in RAK, the resort overlooks mangrove-lined eco reserve. Wake up to the call of the waves and dive directly into the ocean below.


Ras Al Khaimah

Guests can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool or at the many mini pools in the rooms. Fitness freaks don’t have to worry about breaking their routine as the in-house health club is complete with gym, yoga, aerobics, squash and tennis courts.

Adventure enthusiasts can explore the underwater world, or climb mountains and go zip-lining at Jebel Jais. The resort also features an eco-learning centre for nature lovers to spend an evening watching birds and staring at the open sky.

If you wish to hang up your boots and unwind, head to their luxury Spa. The spa boasts hi-end interiors and also has a hammam room that’s perfect for a relaxing soak or massage.

As for the food options, the resort offers a speciality Asian restaurant, a sea-food restaurant as well as a beach and pool bar. You can dine overwater at the resort’s signature Thai restaurant.

That’s not all! Anantara also has plans to open a resort in Sharjah. The project will open doors in 2021 and will be complete with 233 rooms, suites, and other hi-end amenities.