The World’s First Ropeless Lift To Debut At Expo 2020 In Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
The World’s First Ropeless Lift To Debut At Expo 2020 In Dubai

The world’s first ropeless lift is here, taking urban travel to a whole new level. Well, we’re already dreaming of moving staircases in Harry Potter and the magical lift in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What’s It?

Created by Thyssenkrupp Elevator, the world’s first rope less lift will be displayed at the German pavilion at Expo 2020. The Multi Lift moves vertically and horizontally using a magnetic technology. The lift made its debut appearance at Rottweil, Germany, in 2017.

Peter Walker, chief executive of thyssenkrupp Elevator, said: “Dubai is both a significant global business hub and a tourist destination. It’s a city that provides a platform for new inventions, attracting people and businesses from across the world. Multi will support this aim, demonstrating to those at Expo 2020 precisely how technology can support the growth of urban mobility.”

The magnetic technology allows the lift to function using fewer shafts than regular elevators, thereby reducing the waiting time and the energy used. Apart from moving vertically and horizontally, the lift can also move on inclines. The new technology also eliminates height restrictions, and can be used to shuttle between high-rise towers.

Well, we’ll have to wait until Expo 2020 to find out if this Multi Lift will leave us excited or a little sick in the stomach!

What Else?

All you water babies, we’ve got some exciting news for you! London is all set to get the world’s first 360-degree Infinity pool and we just cannot wait to take a dip in it! The designs for the 600,000-liter pool, named Infinity London, have been unveiled by Compass Pools and we are patiently waiting for the completion of this marvelous project.

The pool will be located on the top of a 55-story building. The floors and sides will be kept transparent, allowing visitors to see the swimmers and the sky above. Swimmers will access the pool via a spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine rising from the floor of the pool.