There Is A Death-Themed Cafe That You Must Visit In Thailand To Start Valuing Your Life More

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    The Kid-Mai cafe located in Bangkok, Thailand wants its visitors to value their lives and hence, came up with this unique concept of a death-themed cafe.

    What Is It?

    Kid-Mai Death Cafe is located near the Bangkok Mass Transit System on Aree Soi 1 in Thailand, it has a morbid theme that centrally revolves around death and funerals. It looks like the scene of a funeral where black is the dominant colour and funeral wreaths are used as decor.

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    What’s In It?

    The cafe features a coffin in which diners can lie down to avail a small discount. Funeral wreaths used as floral decorations and items on the menu read ‘painful’ and ‘illness’ it aims to make diners believe in mortality and live life to the fullest. 

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    To reinforce this notion, they even have inspirational sayings like “Are you ready if tonight you would just sleep and never wake up again?” and “Eventually, you can bring nothing” running around the cafe. Not only this, if you too are struck with inspirational quotes then grab a piece of paper and pen and let your creativity flow on the wall.

    So, when are you visiting death?


    Address: Kid-Mai Death Cafe, 1191 Soi Ari 1, Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Khet Phaya Thai, Thailand
    Phone: +66 65 095 6959


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    Yashasvi Shaktawat
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