There’s A New Vande Bharat Connecting Hyderabad And Bangalore. More Details Inside

by Shreya Rathod
There’s A New Vande Bharat Connecting Hyderabad And Bangalore. More Details Inside

After Shatabdi, the new generation of semi-high-speed trains is ‘Vande Bharat’. According to the reports, a new train connecting Hyderabad and Bangalore cities will be flagged off soon! This will be a great way to connect these major cities of South India. Here are the details of the Vande Bharat train from Hyderabad to Bangalore.

Vande Bharat Train From Hyderabad To Bangalore To Be Flagged Off Soon!

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Later this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is anticipated to officially flag off the Vande Bharat rail between Bangalore and Hyderabad. After the trains that run between Bangalore and Hubballi and Chennai-Bengaluru-Mysuru, this would be Karnataka’s third Vande Bharat train. This train would run between Hyderabad’s Kacheguda Railway Station and Bengaluru’s Yesvantpur railway station. In fact, the distance between the two IT cities will be shortened.

According to a Times Now report, the train’s test run has begun. Authorities have been testing the Vande Bharat road between Kacheguda and Dhone (Andhra Pradesh) for the previous two days. Soon after the official procedure, the service will start.

The launch date, ticket price, stops, and travel time are still unknown and will only be determined with the railway board’s approval. By adding a 16-coach rake for commercial express, the railways hope to provide a comfortable and quick train service connecting the two main IT cities.

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Indian Railways: New Generation, Latest Technology And More!

vande bharat hyderabad bangalore
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Indian Railways runs short-distance trains called Vande Bharat. These day trains run between significant Indian cities that are only a day’s drive apart. In addition to cutting-edge, sophisticated safety measures like KAVACH technology, this train offers a wide range of first-rate facilities that will give passengers a top-notch, comfortable travelling experience.

These trains’ designs demonstrate Indian Railways’ commitment to environmental sustainability. The Vande Bharat trains lower the environmental impact of railroads and consume around 30 per cent less electricity by doing away with power cars and utilising cutting-edge regenerative braking technology.

To connect the major cities of the state, Karnataka’s first railway was officially opened on July 27. The journey from Dharwad, Hubballi, Davangere, and Bangalore takes just 7 hours thanks to this train.

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In November of last year, PM Modi introduced the second train from Karnataka between Mysore and Chennai.

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