There’s A Spa In Greece’s Baden-Baden Where Thermal Waters Are Said To Have Medicinal Properties

by Tejashee Kashyap
There’s A Spa In Greece’s Baden-Baden Where Thermal Waters Are Said To Have Medicinal Properties

The practice of bathing in the nude has deep roots in Greek society. This tradition, which was once an integral part of Greek life, continues to thrive today, drawing both locals and tourists. Tucked away in the charming spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany, lie two iconic wellness havens – the Caracalla Therme and the Friedrichsbad. These two exquisite thermal baths are each with a unique history and ambience.

Friedrichsbad Brings A Unique Bathing Culture

Just a stone’s throw away from the Caracalla Therme, the Friedrichsbad offers a different kind of bathing experience. Friedrichsbad Baden Baden is the most traditional and oldest of the Baden-Baden Thermal Spa alternatives.  However, it’s a communal bathing area where you must go naked. Furthermore, this Baden Baden spa focuses on bathing rather than treatments. The Friedrichsbad transforms the basic act of cleansing into a sumptuous three-and-a-half-hour ritual.

Named after the Grand Duke Friedrich I of Baden, the Friedrichsbad stands as a testament to the opulent bathing culture that once graced the European elite. Even blogger Shehnaz Treasurywala couldn’t stay away from embracing this culture.

The Caracalla Therme, named after the Roman Emperor Caracalla, is a modern oasis. It seamlessly blends the ancient tradition of thermal bathing with contemporary design and amenities. Moreover, the inspiration behind the name comes from the ancient Roman baths, where the therapeutic benefits of thermal waters were widely recognised and embraced.

The Caracalla Therme carries forward this legacy. You can experience the healing properties of the natural thermal springs that have been flowing beneath Baden-Baden for centuries. However, the policy of naked bathing is not strictly followed here.

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Inside The Historic Spa

One of Friedrichsbad’s most enchanting aspects is its architectural splendour. The bathhouse’s interior showcases a fusion of neoclassical aesthetics. Additionally, there are grand arches, domed ceilings, and ornate detailing that transports visitors to an era of refinement and grandeur.

The crown jewel of the Friedrichsbad is the magnificent domed hall, a space that epitomises the marriage of architectural prowess and holistic wellness. This exquisite chamber is illuminated by natural light filtering through the dome’s intricate structure. It provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and contemplation, encapsulating the essence of the Friedrichsbad experience.

So, a visit to this historic thermal bath of Friedrichsbad is an invitation to slow down.

Cover image credits: Instagram/ Friedrichsbad