2 Drinks & Appetisers For ₹47,000! NY Woman Vows To Never Visit Mykonos Island In Greece Again

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
2 Drinks & Appetisers For ₹47,000! NY Woman Vows To Never Visit Mykonos Island In Greece Again

Have you ever visited a restaurant and been shocked on receiving the bill which demanded a super exorbitant price? Well, a New York woman witnessed something similar. The woman with a companion vowed to never visit Mykonos Island in Greece after looking at the bill she received for enjoying only 2 drinks and 2 appetisers. The bill showed a whopping amount of €520, which in Indian rupees amounts to ₹47,000. 

NY Woman Vows To Never Visit Mykonos Island

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A New York woman claims that she and a companion were in Mykonos Island in Greece where they placed an order for two drinks and two appetisers. They were shocked to receive a bill for €520 (£450), which also included a 10% service charge.

She denounced the bill as a total “rip-off.” Amber told The Sun that her buddy had chosen king crab legs, which she said were priced at €32 on the menu, and that she had asked the server for the €20 fried calamari.

But when the bill came, she said she was charged €98 (£85). This was for her share of calamari and €185 (£160) for crab legs. Only the promise of a complimentary sunbed with the purchase of a drink had lured them to the place. 

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Manager Was Rude, Made Fun

Credits: Canva

She insisted that neither a drinks menu nor the cost of the cocktails they ordered—a Pina Colada and a Strawberry Daiquiri—had been provided. Amber claimed that when she protested to the manager, he was ‘rude’, made fun of them, and claimed that they were to blame for the situation since they had not read the menu carefully.

This is not the first time a visitor has been displeased this year after ordering a drink on the picturesque island of Mykonos. When a family received a £324 bill for four drinks and snacks, they were taken aback. (as per BristolLive)

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