Road Tripping Between Telangana-Vijayawada? Make A Pit Stop At 7 Midway Plaza At Suryapet On NH-65

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Road Tripping Between Telangana-Vijayawada? Make A Pit Stop At 7 Midway Plaza At Suryapet On NH-65

 What is that one thing—ok,  two things—every traveller looks for: a good, hygienic washroom and good food? Well, not all the plazas or restaurants on the highway will offer you that. But if you are on a road trip from Telangana to Andhra Pradesh, especially to Vijayawada, we totally recommend you make a pit stop at 7 Midway Plaza at Suryapet. Why? Keep reading to learn!

7 Midway Plaza At Suryapet Is A Must

7 midway
Credits: @7foods/Website

7 Midway Plaza is built over 40,000 square feet and has now evolved enough to include EV charging stations and parking. 

It has now become a hotspot where families on a road trip stop and relish breakfast or lunch. The menu has evolved over all these years. It serves popular dishes like masala dosa, upma, idli, puri, and Pesarattu for breakfast, which is available till 11 am. 

Srinivas Dasari, Director and CEO of 7 Midway Plaza, said that as more and more people stopped by to use restrooms and grab a quick lunch or breakfast, they began working on the menu with chefs and food consultants. 

The 7 restaurants here serve you pure south Indian food combos like appam with stew, ragi mudda with chicken curry, and kodi pulav with vankaya kura. 

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A Perfect Spot For Travellers

Credits: @7food/Website

The Feast House serves 39 festive and homely South Indian dishes on a banana leaf. Traditional delicacies like mini uttapam, boorelu begin your meal, which is followed by different-flavoured rice, vegetable curries, dal, red rice dosa, and various types of chutneys. They also serve a non-vegetarian thali, which has fries, a biryani, and curries. The women serving the dishes not only greet you with a smile but also explain to you the making of each item. 

7 Midway plaza works on three main principles, which are Refresh, recharge, and Restart. Travellers are often surprised by the clean washrooms and handwashing areas here. 

The plaza was first built in 2009 with the aim of providing good restrooms to travellers. Chairman of People’s Combine, Raj Yarlagadda, said that as a company, they observed that the Hyderabad-Vijayawada highway lacked hygienic washrooms. They chose Suryapet because it is right in the middle of the highway. 

Talking about its name, the chairman said that earlier there were no speed guns. So people were driving at a speed of 100 kmph or above, and reading something long was not possible. Hence, they zeroed in on a number, 7, so that it would grab people’s attention. (As per The Hindu)

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Cover Image Courtesy: @7foods/Website