Rama Setu To Belum Caves, These 5 Geological Wonders Of India Will Leave You Spellbound

by Vinita Jain
Rama Setu To Belum Caves, These 5 Geological Wonders Of India Will Leave You Spellbound

India has interesting geological features and an exotic collection of geographic heritage for indigenous ecotourism. From erupting waterfalls to rare rock formations, nature has ways to fascinate you! India is full of the most breathtaking, unexplored geological and exotic places. In fact, the Geological Survey of India has declared about 26 sites in different parts of the country as national geological wonders. Here is a compiled list of Indian geological wonders that are a little different from regular travel spots.

1. Rama Setu

Indian Mythology-If you have seen or read Ramayana, you will be familiar with Rama Setu, also known as Sethusamudram. It is a natural monument and is considered a symbol of India’s national unity. This 30km old bridge separates the Palk Strait from the Gulf of Mannar.

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2. Pillar Rocks

Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks is a group of three giant rock pillars in the Kodaikanal Forest. These are three giant rock pillars 400 feet high in the Kodaikanal Forest, with breathtaking views. These falling rocks overlook the valley and are the main attractions of Kodaikanal.

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3. Natural Arch-Tirumala Hills, Chittoor

The Tirumala Hills Natural Bridge, also known as the Sila Thoranam Natural Bridge, is one of India’s most prominent geological features. The Tirumala Natural Arch is one of the few natural arches or bridges in Asia and one of India’s 26 greatest geological wonders.

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4. Peninsula Gneiss

Another picturesque and absolutely amazing geological wonder of India is the peninsula Gneiss above the Lalbagh Gardens in Bangalore. This particular area has been designated as a National Monument in Bangalore, and anyone living or visiting Bangalore should check this place.

Picture Credit: indiannews.com.au

5. Belum Caves

This cave has long been a very creepy but interesting tourist attraction, Belum cave is another geographical location in India. India’s second longest cave in Andhra Pradesh turned out to be a secret city that is inhabited by monks in search of peace, deep on the surface.

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