These Honeymoon Destinations In Europe Are Cheaper Than You Think

by Shreya Ghosh
These Honeymoon Destinations In Europe Are Cheaper Than You Think

Travelling to Europe doesn’t always have to be a huge burden. There are uncountable destinations in the continent that we can explore under a good budget and are quite cheaper when we actually imagine the continent to be. Europe is full of unexplored destinations that are just the perfect to travel to. Even Europe boasts popular destinations that we can travel to without spending overwhelming pounds and euros. So to beat the post-wedding stress, explore these honeymoon destinations in Europe that won’t cost you your entire year’s budget.

1. Florence

Covered in a blanket of culture, art, and history, Florence is one of the most majestic honeymoon destinations in Europe. For people who are passionate about history and the magic of art, Florence is a paradise for them. This Italian city looks magnificent and travellers love to take a tour of the city mostly by walking and admiring its beauty and creative spirits. To save on accommodations, book your stay on the outskirts and save a big chunk.

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2. Porto

If your heart wishes for a coastal vacation, sipping on delicious wine, and exploring beautiful beaches in Europe, then look nowhere and book your ticket to Porto. The best part about the city is that most of the tourist attractions are actually free. There is so much to do in this Portugal city and the most iconic attraction is the wine tasting and exploring vineyards.

3. Romania

Romania is a picturesque city surrounded by magnificent landscapes of mountains, pristine lakes, beaches, and stunning countryside. This country has something for everyone travelling here. The entire country is a treat to the eyes and travellers love exploring every corner of it. To explore the places on a budget, rent a bike and go on with your partner to venture all around. A great thing about the touristy destinations here is that most of them are free of cost. To know more about the attractions, you can even tag along with the free walking tours. Romania is indeed one of the prettiest honeymoon destinations in Europe.

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4. Athens

Athens is a visionary! The city looks simply mesmerising and the weather makes exploring the scenic neighbourhoods more remarkable. Stroll around the city with your partner and praise the stunning Greek architecture. The crowds are quite less during the fall and you can enjoy the city the best during that time because of fewer tourists.

5. Corfu

If you dream of visiting Santorini but it doesn’t fall under your budget, then Corfu is the best destination to travel to. The Greek Island is loved by tourists for its calm and pristine beaches, amazing weather, and massive coastline. This place is ideally one of the best affordable honeymoon destinations in Europe as you can get great accommodations under a budget, especially for newlyweds. Under an affordable budget, you can easily tour around the island and have the most magical time with your partner.