This 125-YO Preserved Heritage, Elgin Hall In Dalhousie Is A Sweet Escapade From Sweltering Summers

Elgin Hall
by Tejashee Kashyap

Imagine lush beautiful greenery, sweet rain droplets, and the vast stretch of paradisaical mountains all around—isn’t it a perfect picturesque view? Nestled amongst deodar trees, Elgin Hall is an opulent boutique retreat in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh that tells aesthetic tales of the bygone British era. Moreover, it’s just a drivable distance away from Delhi!

An Abode That Offers Tales From History


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Elgin Hall happens to be a historic property that sits amidst a scenic natural landscape in Dalhousie. However, the hotel was originally built in 1857 and named after a British colonial administrator and diplomat, Lord Elgin. Today, it’s a charming, historic property that echoes the reminiscent scent of past lavishness with some revamped contemporary touches. Hence, most spaces around the resort are inspired by the Victorian era, through design.

Getaways have always been about connecting to inner selves and being tucked away from the hustles of the main city. Even, the exteriors of the property make it a perfect spot for lazy brunches and enjoying tete-a-tete barbeques and high tea. How beautiful will it be to unwind and relax with a soothing cup of tea amid a green locale?

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Inside Elgin Hall


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Elgin Hall is a sprawling seven-bedroom villa with lush colour palettes and impeccable finishes. The rooms are elegantly decorated in light-pastel hues and furnished in a way that hits a sweet nostalgia. Each of the seven rooms is ornamented with pristine white furniture with exquisitely crafted light fixtures and more that appeal to an elegant experience.

The place also has a formal living room and bar, a traditional tea lounge, a library, a kids’ play area, a game room, and a courtyard. While you’re there, relish the chef’s special traditional Indian cuisine and Amritsari specialities. The retreat also has a stone-brick fireplace as well as a barbeque counter around the dining area.


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Moreover, they serve food with posh crockery. The touch of Victorian heritage through floral upholstery, classic English teacups, and fine chinaware heightens the regal affair at Elgin Hall. Definitely, this vintage luxury retreat is an escape from our mundane lives.

So, when would you be visiting Elgin Hall?

Where: Subhash Chowk Rd, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Cost: ₹8,400 onwards/night (approx.)

Cover image credits: Instagram/Elgin Hall