This 21-Year-Old Paani Puri Wali Is Redefining The Term Start-Up With Her Thela, Earns ₹9 L A Month

by Mallika Khurana
This 21-Year-Old Paani Puri Wali Is Redefining The Term Start-Up With Her Thela, Earns ₹9 L A Month

How many of us wish to ditch are basic jobs to do something of our own? Most of us, right? But how many of us are actually gutsy enough to take that leap of faith in ourselves? Yes, it is mostly about faith and taking that first step. This 21-Year-Old Paani Puri Wali took that step and is now working on establishing her thela on solid grounds. Tapsi Upadhyay proudly declares it a start-up and doesn’t let anyone else make her believe otherwise. An inspiration for all of us, she offers more than just a great story. She serves the yummiest golgappas at four locations in Delhi and truly, they are simply amazing and also healthy!

This Paani Puri Wali Intends To Create A History

Focusing on every aspect of making her pani puri healthy, from using air-fried shells to using Himalayan pink salt in the pani, she aims to make this street food as healthy as possible so that people like us can indulge in the without any guilt. Upadhyay established her own business while pursuing B.Tech. She made it clear that she never intended to leave her education unfinished but her wish to do something different and create history, in the end, led her to this decision. In her attempt to fix a societal problem, she started this endeavour to offer everyone healthy and hygienically prepared street food and that, too, at affordable prices. Even when people found it hard to accept that a girl is serving pani puris at a roadside and voiced their opinions, she never let it affect her. With her family’s support, she kept going.

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This Is Just The Beginning Of Her Journey

She now makes ₹30K in a day from her 4 carts in West Delhi and this is just the beginning of her success. With a strong spirit that can turn every criticism into an opportunity to better herself, she shared an incident where she was questioned about the reality of her ingredients being healthy. Instead of letting it bother her, she improvised and started preparing everything in her stall, open for everyone to see and be assured of the quality.

Tapsi has been generating attention online with her Pani puri cart, going from seeking an engineering degree to establishing her own start-up with success. And, in all honesty, you have to give it a shot. These pani puris are air-fried and produced using homemade ingredients, unlike ordinary panipuris. Presently, Tapsi runs 4 stores in different parts of Delhi with the help of roughly 20 other women, all of whom are serving the popular snack.  She is definitely on her way to making it big!

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