USA Gets Farzi! India’s Much Loved Farzi Cafe Makes Its Way To Washington

Farzi Cafe
by Mallika Khurana

The eagerly anticipated debut of Farzi Cafe’s first location in the US and 11th internationally will take place on April 1. The modern Indian bistro’s unique approach to global food integrating Indian spices and cooking styles is what makes it so well-liked. The crew behind Farzi Cafe Bellevue is planning to introduce the Pacific Northwest to the distinctive and savoury sensation of modern Indian cuisine. The restaurant aspires to be an attraction for anyone who enjoys savoury food with its contemporary interpretation of classic Indian flavours.

Farzi Cafe Is Coming To Bellevue Square


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Farzi Cafe was launched in 2014 by Zorawar Kalra, a renowned culinary icon and founder of Massive Restaurants. It has since extended to ten different nations. This popular restaurant business with sites in India, London, and the Middle East, Farzi Cafe is set to open at Bellevue Square on Bellevue Way. It will serve an amazing fusion of Indian flavours with a contemporary twist.

Using Indian spices and cooking methods, Farzi Cafe creates exquisite dishes like salmon, short ribs, chicken and so much more. To take it to the next level, a unique touch of flavour is added to all of these dishes. Using bold and savoury variations, every plate is aimed to set them apart from typical Indian cuisine. By adding distinctive variations to traditional Indian foods, the restaurant is dedicated to revolutionising dining experiences.

The drink menu of Farzi Cafe bars reflects the ostentatious presentation of the cuisine and surroundings. They will become a spot that will keep you coming back to them. An experience in itself, the restaurant has set an unmatched standard of excellence for itself. It will soon be the ideal place in Bellevue for wonderful and appealing cocktails. With its rich and imaginative display, you will find it lovely without being excessive.

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Indulge In ‘Farzified’ Pan-Indian Delicacies


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Bringing together an exclusive experience for all and introducing them to a unique side of Indian cuisine, Farzi Cafe is sure to be a hit. If you wish to experience the best of Pan-Indian delectables, this is going to be the place you rush to. With high expectations and equally high goals, the countdown to their opening has started.

Where: Bellevue Square, Washington

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