This 70-Year-Old Couple Sell Delicious Tarri Poha In Nagpur For Just ₹10

by Sanjana Shenoy
This 70-Year-Old Couple Sell Delicious Tarri Poha In Nagpur For Just ₹10

Nagpur is famous for its Tarri Poha. This breakfast dish is a simple combination of Kanda Poha ( Onion Poha) with a spicy black channa-based gravy called, Tarri. It’s a wholesome snack that will leave you fulfilled for the rest of the day. And if you’re looking for a fantastic place to try authentic Tarri Poha, then do visit a small roadside stall run by a 70-year-old couple near Nagpur’s Pandit Nehru Convent. Selling nutritious Tarri Poha for just ₹10 for a plate, their 5-year stall helps them pay their rent. Read on to know more about their delicious food and inspiring journey.

The 70-year-Old Nagpur Couple Sell Tarri Poha To Pay Rent

For the past 5 years, the 70-year-old couple wake up before dawn, prepare their snacks and set up a roadside stall at 6 in the morning. Aunty prepares the masala for her Tarri Poha at home. On reaching the stall, she lights the gas and roasts the homemade masala in a large iron vessel. Later, she adds the soaked flat rice, and mixes it together. Uncle tops the freshly made poha with crispy mixture, sliced onions and a fiery masala or Tarri. Priced at just ₹10, the couple lovingly serves generous helpings of Tarri Poha. They have been working hard for the past 5 years to pay their rent. Despite a need for money, the octogenarians, wish to keep their prices pocket-friendly so everyone can afford their fresh food.

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Apart From Tarri Poha, They Sell Aloo Bondas For Just ₹15

Apart from authentic Nagpur Tarri Poha, they also serve lip-smacking Aloo Bonda for ₹15 a piece. While uncle mans the stall, assembling Tarri Poha, Aunty cooks in the background. She fries the spiced potato snacks in hot oil. The Aloo Bonda is a wonderful breakfast meal to load you with energy for the day. Try it at their stall and you’d be left asking for more. The 70-year-old hardworking couple continues to their earn their living without being dependant on anyone. They open their stall at 6 am every day and close it at 4 pm. When you enter the road, the aroma of their simple home-cooked meals will take your breath away.  Do visit their stall near Pandit Nehru Convent and show some love and support.