13-Year-Old From Faridabad Cooks Chilli Potato Like A Master Chef At Family’s Street Food Stall

by Sanjana Shenoy
13-Year-Old From Faridabad Cooks Chilli Potato Like A Master Chef At Family’s Street Food Stall

Do you know how to cook? Well, if you do, then at what age did you learn? Well, we know of a 13-year-old young boy from Faridabad who cooks like a Master Chef. Deepesh prepares lip-smacking Chilli Potato in a wok in his parent’s street food stall in Faridabad. The young boy’s viral video has garnered love and support on social media. Deepesh goes to school in the mornings and works at the food stall in the evenings, contributing to his family’s income at such a young age. Read on to know more about his inspiring story.

Faridabad Teenager Prepares Chilli Potato Like A Pro

Food vlogger who goes by the handle Foody Vishal, shared a video on social media of 13-year-old Deepesh preparing a Chinese snack. The  teenager can be seen cooking ‘Chilli Potato’ at his family-owned street food stall. The kid first fries thin slices of potatoes until they are golden brown and crispy. Next, he prepares a gravy by tossing chopped onions, capsicum, spices and hot sauces in a wok. He expertly tosses the ingredients in the wok like a master chef. Finally, he added the crunch fries to the gravy and tosses the mixture on a high flame.

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He Works At The Stall After School To Help His Family

In the viral video, the food blogger asks Deepesh the reason behind him working at the stall. The 13-year-old says that he wants to help his parents make extra money as he juggles his studies. He regularly goes to school in the morning and then cooks in the stall from evening till night. His sincere efforts have won hearts on social media. Netizens blessed the boy and appreciated his efforts to help his family. Apart from Chilli Potato, Deepesh also prepares delicious momos and rolls. Meanwhile, here’s another inspiring story of Nagpur’s Dosa Aunty.