This Agra Street Vendor Prepares Butter Toast In The Wink Of An Eye & It’s Genius! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Agra Street Vendor Prepares Butter Toast In The Wink Of An Eye & It’s Genius! 

The art of making the perfect butter toast is all about getting the timing right. Don’t get us? When the hot bread is right out of the toaster, you need to spread butter as quickly as possible, so the toast remains hot and the butter spreads evenly. And if you need a great hack to prepare delicious butter toast, this Agra street vendor has your back. He is probably the proud recipient of the fastest butter toastmaker in the city.

Agra Street Vendor Shows You How To Make Quickest Butter Toast

Food vlogger, @shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra shared a video of a street vendor in Agra using a “ninja technique” to make butter toast. What’s this technique? Well, you’ve got to see it to believe it, because it’s pure genius. More so, you may be left wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” In the now, viral video, a street vendor from Agra’s Baba Tea Stall is seen preparing the snack.

He first takes a block of butter and holds it on a plastic sheet in his palm. Next, he slices the block and keeps aside one portion on a flat surface. He covers that portion of butter with a plastic sheet. Then he does the unbelievably quick hack! The street vendor uses a stone to flatten out the butter. Peeling off the plastic, he takes the flattened layer of butter and places it on toast. Using a knife, he spreads it evenly. Finally, he sprinkles sugar and serves the butter toast to the customer.

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A Hack Netizens Can’t Wait To Try!

The food vlogger hilariously yet rightly, calls it a “ninja technique of making butter toast”. Where can you get yourself this Ninja Butter Toast? Once again, the answer is at Baba Tea Stall in Belanganj, Agra. The reel impressed many foodies and garnered over 3.4 million views. A Netizen seemed happy that someone finally put the appropriate amount of butter. Another lauded the new hack. Then two others hailed this calling it a “great hack”. But some even questioned that this hack could be bad for health as microplastic can mix with butter.

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agra butter toast
Picture Credits: @shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra/ Instagram

What do you think of a “ninja” hack to making butter toast? Will you try this at home the next time for breakfast?

Cover Image Courtesy: @shiv_yash_bhukkadofagra/ Instagram