This Artist Has Created Dubai Landscape Using Lego And We Are In Awe

by Deeplata Garde 131

An artist can blow your mind with just a unique piece of art. And Samuel Mollema has done exactly that. A 22-year-old Lego artist has created some awe-inspiring landscapes of multiple cities and it’s a treat to your eyes. Recently he drew our attention by creating a similar Lego model of a certain scale of our favourite city, Dubai. Let’s check out his journey and the models created by far.

Samuel Mollema’s Dubai Miniature Model Is A Treat To Gaze At


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The artist grabbed our attention when he published a miniature model of Dubai’s downtown landscape on his Instagram. According to his post, Samuel used 5,000 Lego pieces and approximately 12 hours to curate this amazing model. The scale according to him is 1:2200 Lego scale.

His efforts are clearly visible in the model. Samuel has focused to build Dubai’s major landmarks in this model. You can easily notice  Burj Khalifa, 500,000m2 Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain and the Address downtown.

According to Samuel, he is beyond impressed by this evolved city from the desert. The skyscrapers, 5-star hotels & resorts and other major attractions have inspired him to build this Lego model of the city.

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Who Is This Young Urban Design  Lego Architect?


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Samuel is what is known as an all-arounder. Theatre and dance instructor, Lego architect, and certified Allied Health Assistant, Samuel is skilled in a variety of areas. He intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy after finishing his Allied Health studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. If not, his second choice is in building design architecture. He was raised and educated at home and is a Melbournian by birth from Australia. As a result, he developed a love for Lego, geography, architecture, and theatre at a very young age.

Apart from Dubai, Samuel has built some really mind-boggling landscape pieces and uploaded the pictures on his IG account. You should definitely have a look at them, trust us you won’t be disappointed.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/scapebyshazam