This Bakery Run By An Indo-African Couple In Old Manali Serves The Best Desserts In Town

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Bakery Run By An Indo-African Couple In Old Manali Serves The Best Desserts In Town

Do you know what makes a good holiday a great one? It’s the food of course! And let’s face it, foodgasm is real. After all, the sensory experience of biting into a beautifully layered cheesecake, paired with a freshly brewed cup of coffee is unparalleled. And Manali is now home to Sabali —a charming neighbourhood bakery run by an Indo-African couple. Word on the streets is that Sabali serves the best desserts in town. Here’s all about it.

Sabali Bakery & Cafe Treats Manali With Amazing Coffee & Desserts

Sabali means patience in the East African language, Bambara. Patience is certainly what you’d need to soak in the calming breeze of Manali, the pristine snowcapped mountain views and the coffee order, you’re eagerly awaiting at Sabali. Run by Rupali, a lawyer cum yoga instructor and Abidal, a computer engineer from Sudan, Sabali encapsulates the world on a baking tray.


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The couple opened Sabali Cafe & Bakery with the aim to provide good food to folks in Manali. Rupali and Abidal were in search of a place that serves good coffee and desserts. Since they couldn’t find one, they decided to open one themselves. Sabali comfortably sits on Manu temple road in Old Manali. The cosy wooden chairs and tables, and display counters stacked with colourful cakes and bakes, will instantly leave you salivating.

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Hearty Breakfast That Nourishes You

The cafe has a warm and welcoming vibe. Savour their avocado toasts topped with homemade sauces. Health freaks must try their smoothie bowls with coconut cream and fresh fruits. For a hearty brekkie, there’s nothing like a good omelette made with sriracha roasted mushrooms and french herbs. Yum! Their menu also includes veg cheese toast and veg pancakes. So, there’s something for everyone.

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Cakes & Bakes To Pamper You

Coming to the most awaited part of Sabali, the cakes and bakes! Their cakes are baked with a lot of love, be it their New York cheesecake, vegan almond chocolate pie or their red velvet choco chip cookies. The coffee is strong and aromatic while the hot chocolate is simply comforting. And what can we say about the tarts, pies and cheesecakes? With impressive varieties like lavender pie, key lime pie and strawberry cheesecake, you’d be pampered beyond imagination.


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At Sabali Cafe & Bakery, time stops still. That’s because, with each bite and sip, you’d feel like you’re engulfed in a warm bear hug. That’s the joy of little things, isn’t it? Boy! Are we glad that Manali is infused with the beauty of patience, desserts and coffee!

Where: Manu Temple Road, Old Manali, Manali
When: 9:30 am to 10:30 pm
Cost: ₹600 for two (approx)

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