This Brand Has Lit Up Ayodhya’s Ram Path And Sections Of Ram Mandir; Here’s More About It

Signify has beautifully illuminated parts of the iconic Ram Mandir and the Ram Path.

by Shreya Ghosh
This Brand Has Lit Up Ayodhya’s Ram Path And Sections Of Ram Mandir; Here’s More About It

Ayodhya is celebrating the inauguration of Ram Mandir and the grand festivities. The temple and the holy town have been graced with the most magnificent decor. Starting from grand lighting to new establishments, lots of development projects are ongoing in parts of the town. To beautify the Mandir and Ram Path, Signify played a massive role.

Signify Illuminated Parts Of Ram Mandir

Ram Mandir
Picture credit- Press release

The Mandir looks extraordinary with its exquisite intricacies and designs, floral decorations, and light installations. Signify has lit up some sections of the temple and also installed Philips ornamental poles on the Ram Path in Ayodhya. During the announcement of this significant project, Signify stated about using customised ornamental and functional lights to decorate the places. The company is proud to contribute to the sacred town’s cultural heritage.

The company installed Philips Uni fixtures on the ceilings, columns, and walls of the temple for Perkota lighting. One of the highlights of these fixtures is that the primary light source is almost invisible to the devotees and visitors and decreases the striking glare. Also, to illuminate the ramps and sculptures, Signify used LED strips with profiles, step lights, inground up-lighters, and a mix of decorative fixtures.

The landscape lighting has been projected on Kuber Tila to magnificently beautify the grandeur and glory of the mandir and showcase the architectural marvel. Above all, the best part is that the fixtures are customised according to the specifications.

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Vikas Malhotra, Signify’s Business Head of Systems and Services, shared his thoughts on working on this grand project of illuminating the Ram Path and some sections of the Mandir. He expressed enthusiasm and stated that the Ram Temple inauguration is a milestone event in the history of India. The company is honoured to illuminate Ayodhya’s landscape with such a varied range of lights.

Mr. Malhotra also shared how their lighting designs are a perfect “harmonious blend of heritage and cutting-edge technology”. The lighting designs and decorations also beautifully represent the essence of Lord Ram’s triumph and celebrate the historical heritage.

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Lightings For The Ram Path:

Ram Mandir
Picture credit- Press release

Signify also illuminated the Ram Path. It is the main arterial path starting from the Dharampath gate to the temple. The company installed customised ornamental poles. The poles have been designed in a unique way featuring Lord Ram’s iconic bow and arrow using a top bracket. Signify used the Philips Uni Urban lighting fixtures for this.

In addition to all these, the company installed facade lighting to light up Dharampath Gate and Surya Stambh Gate. The fixtures also perfectly enhance the glory of the architectural features.

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