This Delhi Eatery Stuffs Kulfi In Pomegranates & It’s Really Innovative

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Delhi Eatery Stuffs Kulfi In Pomegranates & It’s Really Innovative

Foodies, when you cut a pomegranate what do you expect to find? Juicy red pomegranate seeds right? Well, not at an eatery in Delhi. At Jaiveer Chaap in Rohini, Delhi you’d find sweet kulfi inside a whole pomegranate. Well, this is a sweet that will give you the best of both worlds-fruit and mithai. Read on to know more about this innovative kulfi.

Delhi’s Jaiveer Chaap Serves Kulfi In Pomegranates

The hunt for the most innovative kulfi would bring you to Delhi’s Jaiveer Chaap in Rohini. In a viral video posted by @paidaishi_foodie on Instagram, a street vendor is seen removing a pomegranate from a deep freezer. The fruit is seen with icicles formed. He dips it in water first, to de-freeze the fruit.  The vendor goes on to chop the fruit, only to reveal a mind-boggling ruby red coloured kulfi inside, instead of the usual pomegranate seeds. So, voila! You can enjoy Anar Kulfi, that’s as fresh as it gets.

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This fruity kulfi video went viral on social media garnering over 9.3 million views and 239,000 likes. While the pomegranate looks ordinary on the outside but it looks and tastes extraordinary on the inside. Now, when your mom tells you to have more fruits as it’s healthy, you can probably eat an Anar Kulfi from this eatery. After all, it’s fresh fruit and kulfi all rolled into one! Jaiveer Chaap also serves kulfi in apples, oranges and mangoes, so do experiment with those. Meanwhile, do check out Eat Raja, a Zero Waste Juice Bar in Bangalore that serves fresh fruit juice in the fruit shells.