Visit Bangalore’s First Zero Waste Juice Bar At Eat Raja In Malleshwaram

by Sanjana Shenoy
Visit Bangalore’s First Zero Waste Juice Bar At Eat Raja In Malleshwaram

Bangaloreans! Have you ever sipped fresh fruit juice served to you in the fruit itself? Well, we have found a juice bar in Malleshwaram where you can not only drink your juice but eat the fruit too. Eat Raja is a quaint juice bar in Bangalore run by popular former RJ Anand Raaj. What makes this juice bar stand apart from its contemporaries is its strict Zero Waste policy. In fact its Bangalore’s first Zero Waste juice bar.

The Unique Zero Waste Policy

When you visit this juice bar, be sure to sip refreshing and unique juices like Chilli Guava, Pine Melon, Sun Melon Pink Dragon Juice, Cucumber Lime and even Papaya Milkshake. The juices here are uber-fresh and healthy too. You will be asked if you would like your juices to have sugar in it. If not you can always drink your juices in its fresh natural form where the sugar content of the fruit itself is utilized.

All the fruit juices are served in the fruits itself. Be it a large pineapple, medium-sized Sun Melon or small guava, all the fruits are carved out for the pulp and then used as an organic container to serve the juice. Eat Raja does not use any form of plastic or non-biodegradable cutlery. If you do need a straw, you can pick up a straw made from wheat stem, bamboo, coconut leaves, steel or copper. And that’s not all, even the leftover peels of the fruits are used to make bio enzymes for cleaning.

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History Behind Eat Raja

You will be surprised to know that Eat Raja in Malleshwaram is actually more than 40 years old. This juice bar belonged to Anand Raaj’s father. It was one of the first juice shops in the area and was popular for its cold-pressed juices. Anand Raaj’s father educated his son, so he wouldn’t have to work in a juice shop, like him. But as they say, its all in destiny’s hands. Anand Raaj completed his engineering and then became a successful RJ in Bangalore.

But two years back his father passed away. And his mother took care of the juice shop. But they had trying times and the juice shop was facing few losses. That’s when Anand Raaj quit his RJ career and helped his mother to run his father’s juice shop. But he wanted to give it a unique organic spin. So he decided to have a Zero Waste policy and work on a unique concept of serving his juices in the fruit itself, to avoid wastage. He put his engineering skills to use in carving out the fruits in the appropriate shape to hold the juice. Within no time, Bangaloreans loved his juices not only for their refreshing taste but for the spectacular way of serving it too.

What’s More?

Eat Raja as of now, doesn’t parcel the fresh juices. But we suggest you head here and try them out for yourself. The juices are served in a lovely way, creating much-needed awareness on wastage. The juices are so colourful and Insta-worthy too. When you’re here, do try out their bestseller Chilli Guava, which is served to you in the guava, laced with chilli powder. It’s spicy and sweet. The best part is, you can even get 2 more refills, on most of their juices. So make your plans with your gang and head to Eat Raja in Malleshwaram. Check out 10 Best Paan Places in Bangalore For 2019

Address: Shop 321/2, 14th Cross, Sampige Road, Near Sai Baba Temple, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Timings: 10 am to 10 pm
Cost: ₹100 for two
Contact: +91 7353078600