This Dreamy Scottish Island Will Pay You $50,000 To Move There

by Ishita Agarwal
This Dreamy Scottish Island Will Pay You $50,000 To Move There

Have you ever considered picking up and moving to a new location, far away from the chaos that is life after the pandemic? Now is your opportunity, so seize it. As part of a programme initiated by the Scottish government to combat the issue of population loss in the more remote regions of Orkney and the Isle of Skye. However, those who are willing to migrate to the Scottish island may now get financial incentives up to $50,000 to do so. 

Which Dreamy Scottish Island Can You Live On? 

There are claims that would-be residents of Scotland have applied from as far away as South America to take advantage of the substantial financial incentive. However, it will be granted to up to 100 families and young people until the year 2026.  

Because it hasn’t been defined, you can probably presume that any sparsely populated, rather distant Scottish island is up for grabs. All you need to obtain the money from the Hebrides to Orkney is to be young preferably with a family. Moreover, you need to correctly explain your reasons for migrating to the island. 



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Every Story Has Two Sides 

Despite the fact that the concept seems to be a win-win situation, there have been some criticisms. Some feel the Scottish government should invest in transportation and internet connections to make remote islands more desirable.

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