This Eco Resort Based In A Riverside Village Is Assam’s Best Kept Secret

Eco resort Kanoka Assam village
by Sushmita Mahanta 581

Do you crave for a getaway that offers you sheer tranquillity and isolation from the madding crowd of cities? If yes then you will surely fall in love with the beautiful eco resort ‘Kanoka’ in Assam, North East. Based in one of Assam’s riverside Village Panchnoi, Kanoka The Village Resort is a melange of beauty and tradition. Travel enthusiasts will have a lot to take away from the eco resort because it will not only rejuvenate you but also let you explore Assamese culture at its best! Tucked amidst lush greens, Kanoka with its cozy eco-stays, local cuisine, ethnic tea, and fun activities, is truly Assam’s best-kept secret!

How To Reach The Eco Resort In Assam

Travelling to Kanoka Eco Resort is an adventure in itself because trips across the North East are always thrilling. However, Kanoka in Assam is quite easy to reach. First start by travelling to Tezpur in Assam which is well connected to Guwahati by flight, train, and road. From Tezpur, you can hire a cab to the riverside Village Panchnoi which is home to Kanoka.

Things To Do In Kanoka Village Resort

The best-kept secret of Assam offers a plethora of things for your idyllic getaway! A day at the eco-resort Kanoka includes numerous adventure activities like Horse Riding, Kids Swimming, Archery, Boating, and Burma Bridge!
The eco resort in Assam sits on a riverside and so allows the visitors to go fishing and cycling. You can also spend your day exploring the riverside.

The food in the resort is all about ethnic traditional meals. You will have delectable Assamese delicacies served on banana leaves and it’s all kinds of amazing!

The Village resort in Assam also has Cultural Programs on all Sundays. Their Sunday mornings and evenings have Bihu, Jhumoor, and Bagurumba performances by locals. So now you know what’s the best time to visit Kanoka!
You can know more details about the packages and book your stay at the beautiful eco resort here.

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