This Hyderabad-Based Startup Will Deliver Liquor In 10 Minutes

by Shreya Ghosh
This Hyderabad-Based Startup Will Deliver Liquor In 10 Minutes

Getting your food delivered to your doorstep in a short time is nothing out of the ordinary these days. A Hyderabad-based startup started a delivery facility where they will deliver liquor to your place within 10 minutes. Say hello to ‘Boozie’, the flagship brand of Innovent Technologies Private Limited. It is indeed an innovation and revolution in the industry of fast liquor delivery.

Boozie Will Deliver Liquor In 10 Minutes

Boozie is a delivery aggregator of a Hyderabad-based startup that makes sure to deliver liquor in just 10 minutes. There are many options for online liquor delivery in India presently but Boozie is the only startup to do so in 10 minutes.  According to reports, the startup claimed that they are the first 10-minute liquor delivery platform in India. The firm will function in Kolkata at the moment. This exclusive service was launched in the eastern metropolis.

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The West Bengal State Excise Department Approved The Service

A statement of this startup stated, ‘Booozie is a delivery aggregator that picks up liquor from the nearest shop, with 10-minute delivery by using innovative AI which predicts consumer behavior and order patterns’. As per the official statement, the West Bengal State Excise Department approved the service, and then the company launched it in the city of joy.

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Innovent Technologies said that their B2B logistics management platform is going to be quite affordable. Their platform will function in a way that maintains the delivery costs effectively. Boozie will pick up your order from the nearest shop available and then deliver liquor to your doorstep in just a few minutes.