This Is How Kapil Sharma Spent His First 3 Months In Mumbai

by Mallika Khurana
This Is How Kapil Sharma Spent His First 3 Months In Mumbai

Watching the same person tell numerous jokes over the years and still laugh uncontrollably says a lot about that person. We aren’t the least bit astonished that Amritsar native and simple comedian Kapil Sharma has achieved fame beyond his wildest dreams. In this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Kapil Sharma joined us and guided our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, through the streets of Amritsar as he described his journey from that city to the international stage. Check out the whole video to learn more about their adventure.

This Is What Kapil Sharma’s First 3 Months In Mumbai Were All About

This amazing conversation with Kapil was really insightful. We not only got to talk to him about his childhood but also got to see a lot of places that mean a lot to him. He showed us his childhood home, and we could tell how attached he is to the entire city and every street here. Surely, moving to Mumbai would have been a big adjustment for him.

Elaborating on his experience, he shared that the first time he visited the ‘City of Dreams’ was at the end of a semester to spend the three-month break. He did go there to struggle and find his way. However, those three months quickly passed by gorging on vada pavs and chilling at the Juhu beach. After that, he finally went there in 2007 to participate in the Laughter Challenge. Clearly, there has been no looking back since then.

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This Is His Secret To Success

Kapil Sharma
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We are all aware of the boundless heights of success Kapil Sharma has reached. After getting to know so much about his childhood and his life in Amritsar, we were curious to know what he considered his secret to success. Was it hard work, destiny, or talent?

Responding to it with utmost honesty, he shared that he considers his success to be a result of a combination. While there is no substitute for success, he believes that destiny and talent also have a role to play. Next, he revealed all about his love story with Ginni Charath. Check out the episode and get all the deets!

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