This Is India’s First Train To Serve Only Vegetarian Food

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Is India’s First Train To Serve Only Vegetarian Food

Train journey with some of the most scenic views simply turns out to be more beautiful with some delicious food. Indian Railways does serve you tasty food on your journey. If you have travelled by Indian Railways, you would surely know that they serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to serve all the customers based on their preference. Here is some news for all the vegetarians out there. Vande Bharat Express is all set to serve only vegetarian food. 

Vande Bharat Express Serves Only Vegetarian Food

Vande Bharat Express which runs between Delhi and Katra in Jammu and Kashmir will be serving only vegetarian food. With this announcement it makes Vande Bharat Express, the first Indian train to serve only vegetarian food. The train will be strictly serving only vegetarian food which means the passengers will not get meat or eggs during their journey. The kitchens which will be preparing the food for this express will have only vegetarian ingredients. Adding to this, the waiters too will not handle any non-vegetarian food. In a statement, the Sattvik Council of India said that it has partnered with the IRCTC to promote vegan meals on railway routes that connect places of worship and to offer vegetarian food options.

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IRCTC and NGO Sattvic Council of India

In accordance with a contract between the Indian Railways Corporation IRCTC and the NGO Sattvic Council of India, this train is the first of its kind to receive a Sattvik certification. There are plans to implement this in 18 more trains across India, according to an expert with the Sattvic Council of India. The Founder of the Council said that there are various parameters which are evaluated before giving out the certification. The parameters or factors for evaluation are storage vessels, methods of storage, kitchen servings and cooking techniques. To assure vegetarian travel, IRCTC base kitchens, executive lounges, budget hotels, food plazas, travel and tour packages, and Rail Neer plants will all be sattvik certified.


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