These 5 Restaurants In Delhi Serve Delicious Sattvik Thalis

by Shreya Ghosh
These 5 Restaurants In Delhi Serve Delicious Sattvik Thalis

A plate of proper Sattvik food items features lots of healthy and nutritious foods that avoid non-vegetarian items and anything that is bad for our health. In fact, vegetables like potatoes, garlic, onions, and mushroom are not Sattvik. Sattvik thalis are extremely nutritious but many healthy foods are not part of this specific thali. Preparing a proper sattvik thali needs a lot of effort as one needs to be very precautious about what ingredients they are using and everything needs to be prepared freshly. If you are in Delhi city and looking for some lip-smacking sattvik thalis, then here are 5 top recommendations for you.

1. Veg Gulati Restaurant

Lanes of Delhi surely has some of the best non-veg restaurants, but you will be able to find some remarkable places serving the most delicious satttvik thalis only if you find them properly. One search restaurant on Pandara road is ‘Veg Gulati Restaurant’. This place features a separate place for food items without garlic or onion. It is mentioned in their menu as ‘Without Onion and Garlic’. Order whatever you want to relish from here and we are sure you will love each and every dish.


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2. Imly

Nestled in various places in and near the capital, ‘Imly’ is an amazing restaurant to gorge on mouth-watering sattvik foods. They have made a separate menu for the people who fast for nine days on the occasion. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you will love this place absolutely.

3. Baa Bistro

Nestled in Mayur Kunj, ‘Baa Bistro’ is a great recommendation for sattvik thalis. This is a veg restaurant that serves delectable dishes from the Chinese cuisine and North Indian cuisine. The place is quite popular for serving the best food items from sattvik diet.

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4. Sattvik Restaurant

The name of this restaurant clearly states how great the restaurant is actually. ‘Sattvik Restaurant’ serves a gastronomical feast of vegetarian foods. The menu brings out some of the best dishes for sattvik diet and Jain food.

5. AnnaMaya Foodhall

Nestled in Aerocity, ‘Annamaya Foodhall’ is quite a popular place for vegetarians. One of the most stunning parts about this hotel is that they have a Navratri thali with some freshly prepared mouth-watering dishes. The menu has some of the most delicious sattvik thalis and it is indeed a great place if you are searching for Sattvik thalis.