This Japanese Experiment Shows How Quickly COVID-19 Can Spread At Buffet Restaurants

by Gizel Menezes
This Japanese Experiment Shows How Quickly COVID-19 Can Spread At Buffet Restaurants

Do you realize that we’ve heard so much about hand washing and hygiene in the past few months than we ever did in our entire lives!

Well, all of it is for a reason. And this simple experiment conducted by the Japs goes onto demonstrate how quickly the coronavirus spreads in buffet restaurants and how important is to maintain hand hygiene during this period.

This Japanese Experiment Shows How The COVID-19 Spreads In Buffet Restaurants

Conducted by Japan’s national broadcaster NHK in conjunction with health experts, this simple experiment simulates the atmosphere at buffet restaurants and gatherings.

For the experiment, experts chose 10 participants, one of whom was singled out as an “infected” person. To represent germs from a cough or a sneeze, a fluorescent substance visible only under black light was applied onto that person’s hands. The participants were then asked to go about as they normally would in a buffet restaurant, picking up food and eating.
At the end of the experiment, the participants were cast under black lights, which illuminated the spread of the “infection”. And you would be shocked to see that the fluorescent substance, which signified germs, had spread all over. It was visible on food, utensils, and platters, and even on the faces of some of the participants. Scary, isn’t it?
Image Courtesy: Fox News

Another Japanese Experiment Highlights The Importance Of Handwashing

To further stress on the importance of hand hygiene, the NHK also conducted a second experiment, where the same simulated environment was created but necessary precautions were taken to prevent the spread of the virus. All of the participants, including the infected person, washed their hands before and during eating. Frequently touched surfaces, such as serving utensils, were replaced or wiped.
And again, when the participants went under the blacklight, none of the substance from the infected person had spread to the other participants.
But these experiments, according to experts, convey the importance of handwashing and hygiene in an effective manner. Don’t you think so? On that note, please wash your hands NOW!