This Low-Cost Argentinian Airline Is Selling Flight Tickets As NFTs

by Tooba Shaikh
This Low-Cost Argentinian Airline Is Selling Flight Tickets As NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the newest obsession that the Internet and techies are obsessed with. You either understand what they’re about and are obsessed with it or you have absolutely no clue as to what it is and how it functions. There is no in-between. All those who understand anything about NFTs are trying to get it. In an interesting move, an Argentinian airline is issuing tickets only in the form of NFTs.

Argentinian Airline Is Selling Flight Tickets As NFTs

Flybondi, which is a low-cost Argentinian airline, has integrated Web3 and is issuing tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens. According to Forbes, Web3 is can be described as one of the series of open-sourced and interconnected applications that are powered by blockchain computing architecture.

The airlines announced on the 30th of March, Thursday, that they are initiating this new integration. It is called Travel 3.0 and is an extension of the company’s already existing professional relationship with the NFT company dealing in ticketing, TravelX.

According to the report, the tickets are created using the Algorand blockchain and the owners of the tickets are free to transfer, change their name, or even resell their NFT tickets or NFTickets, and they can do all this independently.

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NFTickets Facilitates Convenient Travels

Argentinian airline
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to the airline Flybondi, selling tickets in the form of NFTs will aid in more convenient travel. The airline officials are hopeful about this new move and are expecting a positive response from the people.

According to airline officials, since the passengers can buy their NFTickets in advance without defining their journey or travel plans, it aids in a more flexible travel experience. Passengers can purchase tickets via their official website using fiat currency. The TravelX website will then issue a synchronised NFTicket in addition to the e-ticket.

In order to maintain and manage their NFTs, the passengers can even create a Ticket 3.0 account where they will be able to manage their NFTickets and all the transactions pertaining to them.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons