Hong Kong Is Giving Away Half A Million Flight Tickets For FREE! Wohoooo!

by Shreya Ghosh
Hong Kong Is Giving Away Half A Million Flight Tickets For FREE! Wohoooo!

You will be shocked to hear that Hong Kong is about to hand out a huge amount of flight tickets for absolutely free. Now isn’t that super exciting news! But why is this city spending a humongous amount to distribute expensive plane tickets to the masses? Well, there are crucial reasons behind this that led to the city taking such a huge step. Read till the end to know all the fascinating details of this initiative taken by Hong Kong.

Here’s Why Hong Kong Is Planning To Give Away Free Flight Tickets!

Hong Kong is working on distributing half a million flight tickets to people. And the most important reason behind this decision is their global publicity campaign. They have not made any announcement of further details about the global campaign. It is expected that they will disclose all the information soon. The campaign is the “Hello Hong Kong campaign” and John Lee, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, will look after this.

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There will be more than 200 activities and events in this global campaign, as reported by the South China Morning Post. The city is handing out 500,000 flight tickets to people from different countries from different corners of the world.

Here Are All The Details Of The Global Publicity Campaign:

Picture Credit: Unsplash
  • The “Hello Hong Kong campaign is distributing plane tickets to tourists in Asia, Europe, and the United States as well.
  • In fact, some tickets will be provided to the locals as well for flying to international destinations.
  • Among these 500,000 flight tickets, Cathay Pacific Airways and HK Express will be handing out the most number of tickets to the masses.
  • Also, some travel agencies will give away a portion of free plane tickets to tourists.
  • This city is planning to launch this global campaign as the city wishes to represent a better and enhanced image after the protests that took place some years back in 2019.
  • This was followed by tons of travel restrictions and quarantine periods for a long time because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

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After the lifting of COVID-related travel restrictions in Hong Kong, the city welcomed around 605,000 tourists in 2022, as reported by Bloomberg. Though the numbers are more than 91,000 visitors in 2021 but about 56 million flew here before the COVID-19 days.

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