Bunny Resorts Take Over Hong Kong As Rabbits Became Popular Pets During The Pandemic

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bunny Resorts Take Over Hong Kong As Rabbits Became Popular Pets During The Pandemic

Pet parents all across the world often face issues when they need to go on holiday. While some take their doggos along with them on vacations, many others look for pet-boarding facilities to ensure their pets are well cared for. This is exactly the reason why Hong Kong is witnessing a surge in bunny resorts as rabbits became popular pets in the country during the pandemic.

Bunny Resorts In Hong Kong Are A Rage

While most animal lovers are keen to adopt dogs and cats as pets, those in Hong Kong have a special place in their hearts for bunnies. Why? Well, during the COVID-19 pandemic-lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, people in Hong Kong yearned to adopt pets. But since the densely inhabited cities have mostly smaller, compact apartments, adopting dogs, even cats became cumbersome. So, animal lovers made rabbits part of their homes and families.

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Now that the lockdown has come to an end and Lunar New Year celebrations were in the air, many pet lovers planned to go on holiday. But these bunny parents wanted to have boarding facilities for their furry companions. So, that’s when Hong Kong started seeing a rise in bunny resorts. Luxurious resorts came up in the country to take care of the furry animal’s needs when its pet owners were away.

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Rabbits Get Spa-Sessions, Parties & Much More

At these bunny resorts, rabbits are given daily exercise, carrots and food, grooming, spa session and even parties to keep them happy. Moreover, there are also playrooms where rabbits can hop around in style. According to an NDTV report, Bunny Style hotel charges $15 ( ₹1200) per night for a rabbit. This cost also covers the bunny’s 30-minute playtime. Pet owners can also avail of other special bunny treatments and luxe meals at additional cost.

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So, rabbit owners in Hong Kong can holiday in style, knowing their furry companions are well taken care of. Imagine, you’re relaxing on a beach and your bunny is having a spa session in a luxurious hotel. Now, that’s life!

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