This Chinese City Took Down A Giant Rabbit Lantern After The Internet Found It ‘Ugly’

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Chinese City Took Down A Giant Rabbit Lantern After The Internet Found It ‘Ugly’

The year, 2023 in the Chinese Zodiac calendar is the Year of the Rabbit. According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, the year of the rabbit begins on January 22, 2023, and ends on February 9, 2024. The rabbit is believed to be one of the luckiest of the 12 zodiac animals by the Chinese. So, the year 2023 is all about hope, optimism, peace and longevity. While rabbits are often loved for their cute, fluffy looks, the Internet recently united to call out a giant rabbit lantern in China “ugly”. Here’s what happened.

Chinese Netizens Call Rabbit Lantern In China “Ugly”

It so happened that a giant rabbit lantern was placed at Sanxia Square in southwest China. With thick eyebrows, small eyes, big red ears, and an orange body, it looked unusual. But the Chinese called it “ugly” and even “hideous”. Many took to social media to call out the rabbit lantern. One user commented that the rabbit lantern looked like a man with a serious expression and nothing like a festive rabbit.

rabbit lantern
Picture Credits: Twitter

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Another Netizen said it looked like a rabbit goblin. According to Hongxin News, one person even complained about the rabbit lantern at the square and called it embarrassing. But while many wanted the lantern to be removed. There were some who didn’t find it necessary to remove it. They thought it looked like a traditional rabbit.

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USA Celebrates New Lunar Year

Well, not just China but even California in the USA is welcoming the year of the rabbit in style. To show its solidarity with the Asian community, California is celebrating its first lunar year as an official state holiday. The Asian community in the USA faced a lot of racial discrimination and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, by celebrating the lunar new year, California wants to bring harmony to the community and make locals aware of Asian customs and traditions.

So, are you ready to welcome the year of the rabbit in style? Let us know what you think.

Cover Image Credits: Twitter and Canva