This Mango Growing On A Terrace In Assam Costs ₹60K And Here’s Why

by Sanmita A
This Mango Growing On A Terrace In Assam Costs ₹60K And Here’s Why

We, Indians love mangoes during the summers. And we make sure that the mangoes find their way into most of our dishes, be it in the form of ice cream, cakes, dessert and even Dal. Be it the sweet mango in the form of aam ras, or the raw grated mangoes combined with salt and chilli,  this sweet fruit finds a way into our hearts. Recently, we came across a household in Assam, one Lakshman Mukiya, in Hojai growing the costliest mango in the world on his terrace.

World’s Costliest Mango – Miyazaki Mango

It is no secret, that this Mango is popularly known as the Miyazaki mango. It is an exclusive variety of mango which is unique to Japan. And, to top it all, it is sold at a price of ₹2.70 lakh per kilogram.

The Miyazaki mangoes are named after the city, of Miyazaki in Japan where these mangoes are harvested in great numbers.

Miyazaki Mango Also Called ‘Dragon’s Egg’

Another peculiar fact about this expensive mango type is that it nowhere looks closer to the perfect yellow mangoes that we have in India. Instead, it holds a resemblance to a dinosaur’s egg and is often called, ‘Dragon’s Egg.’ These mangoes are red in colour.

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What Price Can You Sell These Mangoes For?

Well, if you do manage to grow these mangoes in your orchard or garden, you can definitely earn a whopping ₹60K to ₹70K for a piece. Also, prior to this Assam man, a couple in Madhya Pradesh were growing these mangoes in their orchard. The couple was offered the sapling by a man from Chennai. And, initially, they had no idea that this variety of mango is the costliest in the world.

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