Pay A Lot More For Mangoes This Summer And Here’s Why!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pay A Lot More For Mangoes This Summer And Here’s Why!

What even is a summer season without some fresh juicy mangoes? The only reason why summers bring a smile to our faces and make it tolerable is the king of fruits. But this year the season of mango love might turn sour because of the rise in their prices by 30% to 50%. The reason behind this hike is lower production, thanks to the crazy weather this year. 

Erratic Weather, Low Production

Several industry players and farmers in Maharashtra think unseasonal rains, humidity, and extreme heat have diminished Alphonso production this year, resulting in a 30% reduction in overall output. There is a high price for this fruit despite it being available at all the major APMCs in the State, including Mumbai. Depending on the size and taste of the mangoes, a box containing four to five dozen mangoes is sold for ₹2,000-₹5,000. 

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Major States Report Low Harvest

Many of the major mango producing states reported the probability of low harvest owing to the unfavourable weather this year namely Uttar Pradesh is forecasting a dip in production by 30% while Karnataka owing to the rains could harvest only 30%. There is a mixed trend being reported in West Bengal as North Bengal is seeing good produce due to good rain while South Bengal is reporting a decline. 

Reduced Crops, High Prices

Insram Ali, president of All India Mango Growers Association, says the reduced crop is likely to raise the price of mangoes by nearly 50%. Early June is normally when mangoes arrive in UP and prices are likely to rise to around ₹50-₹60 per kg, as compared to ₹30-₹40 per kg last year.

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