This McDonald’s Themed Metaverse Restaurant Offers Meals In NFTs

by Shreya Ghosh
This McDonald’s Themed Metaverse Restaurant Offers Meals In NFTs

What do you actually expect when you enter a restaurant? The answer is quite simple and it is a plate of delicious food. Well with the advancement of technology and the introduction of NFTs to the world, you might not get actual food in a McDonald’s-themed metaverse restaurant. It is surely innovative and something that no one has ever seen before. And how this restaurant in a virtual space works is very interesting and one of a kind.

Get Meals In NFTs In This McDonald’s Themed Metaverse Restaurant

McRTFKT’s is the concept of running this metaverse restaurant. It is mentioned on the website that it is ‘the metaverse’s first QSR virtual franchise’. The way the system this place follows is quite surprising as unlike every existing restaurant in the world it won’t serve you any food. The concept is such that NFTs take inspiration from the menu of the world-famous McDonald’s food chain. And one can get the limited quality tokens for absolutely free on the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

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Credits: McDonald’s Blog

The connection between McDonald’s and McRTFKT’s is only the inspiration and McDonald’s IP partially existing in the metaverse-themed restaurant’s merchandise. Nike owns RTFKT, the NFT company, and Nike announced the acquisition in December 2021. This restaurant with food NFTs was actually built without taking permission from the fast-food chain. McDonald’s, Nike, and RTFKT have not commented on this yet.

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Tyler Cohen is the creative director of this restaurant project. He came up with the idea of creating this virtual space. Tyler shared that the existence of this brand in the world of metaverse was previously not proper. And he wanted to do something to create a blueprint for how to make a place and get into Web3 successfully. Tyler shared with Ad Age, ‘There is such an underwhelming amount of really bad activations within this quote-unquote metaverse. These are established brands—this is how they can make their entry.’