This Mumbai Juice Vendor Is A Die-Hard Allu Arjun Fan; Sells Juices Named After Pushpa Star

by Sanmita A
This Mumbai Juice Vendor Is A Die-Hard Allu Arjun Fan; Sells Juices Named After Pushpa Star

Indian fans are known for their craze and obsession with Bollywood and films. Be it turning themselves into film celebrities, naming kids after them or making dedications for them. Recently, a Mumbai-based fan of the famous actor Allu Arjun created headlines with his fandom. The fan, who runs and owns a juice shop in Mumbai, dedicated and named a range of beverages to Allu Arjun. He definitely, is upping the levels of fandom for stars. Take a look –

A Dedication For Allu Arjun By A Mumbai-Based Fan

Allu Arjun recently took the entire country by storm after releasing his film Pushpa. He has been a household name in the Southern part of the country for years now. And has, over time, won the hearts of millions with his spectacular performances. He is a known face, and this Mumbai-based fan dedicating beverages to the actor is another way of expressing his love for Allu Arjun. The actor recently won the Indian Of The Year Award at an event. Before this achievement, the actor launched Allu Studios in October. Surely, the month has been an eventful one for the actor.

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All About The Beverage & The Juice Centre In Mumbai

Allu Arjun

The juice centre is named as Bunty Juice Centre. And Bunty, who is the owner, is a huge fan of Allu Arjun and has been following him since the first film. But Bunty’s favourite dialogue is from Allu Arjun’s recent project, Pushpa. And Bunty has managed to include the characterisation of Allu in his beverages too. Pushpa is a 2021 action and drama film that gained a lot of popularity across the country. And as always, Allu’s contribution to the film was immense. The film also grabbed people’s attention with the Pushpa actor and Samantha’s song number, Oo Antava Mawa..Oo Oo Antava. The glasses served to the customers even have the actor’s photographs and dialogues inscribed on them.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter@AlluArjun/Unsplash