This Online Store From The UK Is Delivering Your Favourite British Snacks In Dubai, UAE; Details Inside

by Deeplata Garde
This Online Store From The UK Is Delivering Your Favourite British Snacks In Dubai, UAE; Details Inside

Being an expat in some country for work or any other reason can be a challenging experience. The most difficult part is missing food from home. According to the Holborn Assets 2022 survey, Dubai has around 240,000 British expats. As a result, we can estimate how many people in the Emirates miss food from the UK. So if you are a British expat residing in Dubai we have a site that can deliver your favourite snacks from back home.

Get Your Favourite British Snacks In Dubai, Check Out This Online Store RN!

British Corner Shop is a convenient and easy way to get your favourite British snacks delivered to you in Dubai. You can enjoy the taste of home without having to travel or search for them in local shops. You can also discover new products or try some of the classic ones that you might have forgotten about.

British Corner Shop also offers some special deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. For instance, there is currently a summer sale and postage offer that means you can pick up snacks for £1 (Dhs4.7 approx) and pay Dhs95 postage for 30kg of snacks. You can also find seasonal products such as Easter eggs, Christmas puddings and mince pies. Celebrate your British holidays with the warmth of home delivered in Dubai.

The online shop also has a loyal community of British food lovers who share their reviews, recipes and tips on the website and social media. You can join them and tag your box of British happiness for the chance to win a £50 gift voucher1.

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More About This Online Store

British Corner Shop is an online shop that delivers British snacks to Dubai. It has over 6,000 products from Britain’s most popular brands that you can order online and receive at your door. It also has some special offers, rewards and competitions that you can enjoy. If you are craving some British food, visit their official website and get your box of British happiness today.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ British Corner Shop