This Ramadan, Bakeries & Restaurants Can Extend Operational Hours Without The Need For This Permit

by Deeplata Garde
This Ramadan, Bakeries & Restaurants Can Extend Operational Hours Without The Need For This Permit

Ramadan means shops & restaurants open till late at night. Fasting during the holy demands the availability of food and other related goods in the wee hours of the day. So extending the operational hours of certain establishments becomes a necessity. Therefore, this year, Sharjah has announced certain new updates regarding the operational hours of bakeries, restaurants and eateries without the need for a permit. Let’s dig up some more deets!

Sharjah Municipality Announces Updated Rules For Ramadan

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The Sharjah Municipality declared on Tuesday that establishments such as cafeterias, bakeries, and restaurants are permitted to operate past midnight. And for that, they need no permit in order to serve the general public. As they fall under the duty to keep them supplied with services well into the night during the holy month.

According to Sharjah City Municipality, it will be providing licences to establishments that want to either showcase food during the day or before iftar. The cost to display food including premises in shopping centres, according to SCM, would cost Dh3,000. Usually, the permit cost to display food for iftar in front of the restaurants costs Dhs500.

Official sources state that a permit is required for all businesses operating in the city. This service will be offered by the municipality online. But, contractors who work on building sites after midnight are not covered by the permit.

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How To Apply For This Mentioned Permit For Other Entities?

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The application process for this permit is available online and is easy to register in a few steps. Just follow these steps and in no time you will have the permit.

  1. Visit the Municipality website and click on Electronic & Smart Services
  2. Further, select the Department of Control and Inspection Services.
  3. Get permission to work at night during Ramadan. and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  4. Submit the required paperwork to get the licence issued.
  5. Post the online submission, a team of inspectors follow up with the concerned establishments to verify the required permissions were provided to carry out work.

To maintain optimal conditions during the holy month, the authorities are also stepping up inspection visits to watch for any unfavourable behaviour.

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