This Restaurant In Delhi Is Offering Black Rice Sushi And Its A Must-Try

by Shreya Ghosh
This Restaurant In Delhi Is Offering Black Rice Sushi And Its A Must-Try

No matter what dish you are craving at any time, you will find anything and everything in Delhi. From street-side scrumptious street food to dining in gourmet dining restaurants, the national capital is the answer to your every hunger pang. There are so many new places opening every day here and everyone is bringing something unique on the plate to be at the top of the game and be distinct. ‘Kylin Experience’ is a stunning restaurant in Delhi and this is the ultimate place to dine in for lip-smacking Asian cuisine.

Kylin Experience Is The Perfect Place To Dine In!

Nestled in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, ‘Kylin Experience’ is one of the very few Asian restaurants in Delhi that truly presents the authentic taste of Asian cuisine, unlike most places. When it comes to different cuisines and dishes, this place is extraordinary in serving the best to its guests. They have a mouth-watering spread of different cuisines and each dish oozes authenticity. Take some good time in hand while visiting here as you will need a lot of time to gorge on their massive scrumptious spread of different cuisines. Get ready to indulge in Asian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Malaysian, Sichuan, and Vietnamese. 

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Kylin Experience’s Black Rice Sushi Is A Must-Try!

In this huge gastronomic spread of various cuisines and so many delicious dishes, you might find it hard to choose what to order and eat. Well, we are here to make it easy for you. Kylin Experience is known for its ‘black rice sushi’ and you need to grab a bite of this dish surely. It tastes extremely delicious with the right amount of umami flavour. This dish has savoury flavours of spicy mayo, sriracha, and umami, still, every bite is full of a refreshing taste.

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Over time Kylin Experience has introduced so many new delicacies to its grand menu and every dish tastes heavenly and is worth a try. Dining here is a luxurious experience and we are sure you will have a splendid time here. Great food and amazing ambience will set the perfect mood for a fun time!