This Shop In Delhi Is Selling Gold-Plated Paan Worth ₹600 & It Is Going Viral

by Suchismita Pal
This Shop In Delhi Is Selling Gold-Plated Paan Worth ₹600 & It Is Going Viral

Paan lovers, pay attention! We just bumped upon a paan variant that’s sheerly luxurious and looks drool-worthy to the core. Loaded with dry dates, cloves, gulkand, sweet chutney, cherries, coconut and more, this isn’t the regular meetha paan and comes with an attractive gold-plating. This is raffaelo gold paan and per serving of it comes at ₹600. Yamu’s Panchayat in Delhi’s Connaught Place is the paan parlour serving this unique paan. Read on to know more.

The Paan Parlour Shared A Video Of The Unique Paan

Delhi’s Yamu’s Panchayat has recently shared a video of its raffaelo gold paan on Instagram and it has gone viral among netizens. The caption of the video reads, “This is raffaelo gold paan worth 600rs and is available only at yamuspanchayat, Connaught Place. Watch the video to understand about all the information and ingredients of this paan.” The video has grabbed over thousands of views and lot of people have shared their opinion on the gold paan in the comments section. De-Jag’s In Delhi Serves 24-Carat Gold Ice Cream & We Are Drooling!

Netizens have mixed reactions on the paan. While one user commented that the gold paan is ‘best’, several other people think that the paan is overpriced.

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The Shop Serves Kitkat Paan, Butter Scotch Paan And Fire Paan Too

Other than the gold paan, Yamu’s Panchayat serves some other amazing paan variants too. Noteworthy among them are butterscotch paan, white chocolate gundi paan, laddoo paan, dairy milk paan, oreo paan, kesar paan, fire paan and many more.

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And these paan variants not only taste delicious, but they are highly instaworthy too. A mere look at a paan from this paan parlour will make you straightaway scream wow. So, the next time you’re in Delhi, definitely head out to this paan shop in CP and thank us later.