This Site Helps You Make A New Dish From Your Leftover Food

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 573

Food wastage is a serious issue in today’s world. We tend to order a lot of food in excitement, without thinking about the wastage. Lakhs of kids in North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria and various other countries die of malnutrition every year. And at times, while ordering food, we tend to forget about the portions and quantities, contributing to food wastage more. If you are someone who loves to call for extra food but don’t what to do with the leftovers, then we have something for you. Read on to know more.

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You Can Now Create A New Dish With Leftover Food At Old El Paso

If you order food in big portions and have leftovers always, then you have to use the Old El Paso site. The site helps you create a new dish from the leftovers, which taste equally great. The new dish is usually a wrap or a Mexican dish and adds a burst of flavours to your taste buds.

Now ain’t that a super cool initiative? Old El Paso had launched this initiative in Ramadan, and ever since then, the concept has become quite popular. The brand aims to reduce food wastage, which definitely is the need of the hour. So, next time when you are left with extra food and don’t waste it, instead, reuse it and enjoy a new dish altogether.

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Enjoy Gold French Toast FOR AED 200 At Hampstead Bakery Dubai 

And if you are looking to try something unique in Dubai, then you must try the most luxurious 24-carat Gold french toast. Hampstead Bakery and Café, which is located in Downtown Dubai has launched a GOLD French Toast, which looks no less than a royal dish. The dish is made with tres leches, vanilla beans, and saffron mixture and is covered with 24-carat gold leaf and served with white chocolate ganache, strawberries and blackberries. Now, doesn’t that sound appetising?

Well, you can enjoy this luxurious Gold French Toast for AED 200, with the majestic views of Burj Khalifa. So that’s like, two royalties in one frame. And if you are planning to savour this dish, then you must know that it’s only available till June, so hurry grab your Gold French Toast right away.

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