THIS Street Shop In Surat Serves A 20-Inch-long Gola That Comes Loaded With Syrups & Ice Cream

You can get your hands on this 20-inch-long gola that comes topped with different flavours, ice creams, chocolate sauces, tutti frutti, nuts, and more.

by Tashika Tyagi
THIS Street Shop In Surat Serves A 20-Inch-long Gola That Comes Loaded With Syrups & Ice Cream

While Mumbaikars and Delhiites have been fighting forever over which city has the best street food, it’s Surat that’ll slowly emerge as the tortoise in this race, it seems! With their love for cheese and delicious flavours, Surat’s street food is always in the limelight and this time around, we discovered something for dessert lovers! We found this little stall in Surat that is serving a massive, 20-inch-long gola that’ll leave you drooling! Scroll on to know more about it!

A Massive, 20-Inch-Long Gola On The Streets Of Surat

Located in Surat’s Adajan Patiya, Mama Bhanja Special Ice Gola is a little food stall that serves everyone’s favourite – gola! But this is not your regular gola. We ended up discovering a massive, 20-inch-long ice gola here in Surat that will leave you flabbergasted with its size and flavours! The whole process of making this ice delight is an art in its own right.

The gola is made by mounting ice shavings to create a 20-inch-long pyramid-like structure. Then they add lots of flavours to make it colourful and flavourful. You can taste a burst of flavours in each bite as it has many elements. It’s almost like having multiple desserts all rolled up on one plate!

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Flavours That Will Leave You Drooling

Mama Bhanja Special Ice Gola

This massive, 20-inch-long gola at Mama Bhanja Special Ice Gola, Surat is made by topping a variety of flavours on the ice shaving. They add different types of syrups, a variety of ice cream flavours, chocolate sauces, tutti frutti, dry fruits, and some more flavours to bring together this entire dish. Safe to say, you’ll need at least three to four people to finish this entire dish!

So, are you heading to this stall in Surat to share this dessert with your friends and family?

Where: Mama Bhanja Special Ice Gola, Yadgar Cold Point, Adajan Patiya, Surat
When: 6 PM to 12 PM
Cost: ₹1,500

Cover Image Courtesy: Internal

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