This Telangana Man Spent Over ₹50 Lakhs From His Savings To Set Up Rice ATM For Needy Amid Pandemic

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Telangana Man Spent Over ₹50 Lakhs From His Savings To Set Up Rice ATM For Needy Amid Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic spread clouds of doom and despair across the world. But during this time, Covid-19 warriors emerged to take care of the underprivileged. Ordinary people did extraordinary deeds and created a difference in the lives of hundreds of people. One such person is 42-year-old Ramu Dosapati from Telangana. This HR executive used his savings and even sold his ancestral property to create a 24×7 ‘Rice ATM ’ for stranded migrant labourers during the peak of the pandemic.

Inspired By A Security Guard’s Wife Buying Chicken For Migrant Workers

Ramu Dosapati, during the first covid-19 lockdown was purchasing groceries. It was his son’s birthday, when he came across the wife of a security guard buying chicken worth ₹2000 for stranded migrant workers from Odisha. A security guard, earning a meagre salary of ₹6000 was willing to part with a large chunk of his salary for the sake of the needy. Touched by this gesture, Ramu Dosapati thought that if his security guard would do his bit to help the needy, then why can’t he? At that moment, the HR executive decided to set up a 24×7 ‘Rice ATM ’ in Hyderabad, Telangana to provide rations to the underprivileged.

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Picture Credits: The Indian Express

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Ramu Dosapati Used His Savings To Set Up 24×7 Rice ATM In Telangana

To put his plan into action, Ramu used ₹6 lakhs from his provident fund and ₹1.5 lakh from his savings account to make his dream a reality. He also procured ₹40 lakhs by selling his ancestral property. According to The Better India, he kickstarted his plan by offering meals and medicines to migrant workers. After which, Ramu started offering rations like dal, tamarind, oil and chilli powder to people who lost their jobs amid the pandemic. This includes domestic help, dhobis, taxi drivers and more. His initiative of a 24×7 Rice ATM benefitted has benefitted at least 25,000 people.

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Picture Credits: The Indian Express

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Giving Up On Dreams To Help The Needy

While life has come back to normal after the advent of vaccines and the drop in covid-19 cases, Ramu Dosapati has no plans to stop. He revealed to The Indian Express that he wants to continue helping people who are in genuine need. As an HR executive, he screens people and motivates them to find jobs. Ramu admits to not being able to do this forever, but he believes that no one should sleep on an empty stomach. The 24×7 Rice ATM resulted in Ramu spending ₹52 lakh from his own pocket. He even shelved his family plans to move into a bigger house with his wife and two sons. But Ramu believes that it was all worth it. And we salute him for his humble endeavours!