This Tiny Eatery Has Been Gold Souk’s Hero For Decades

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    An age-old restaurant in Gold Souk, Pravin Bhai Naashta Wala is a famous breakfast joint among the young and the old. Here’s what makes the tiny place a historic landmark.

    What’s It?

    If you thought Gold Souq was famous only for gold, you need to think again! One of the oldest restaurants in the city, Pravin Bhai Naashta Wala is a name in gold souq that has been stealing hearts since 1978.

    As you make your way through the narrow lanes, the fragrance of piping hot, home-cooked food from this breakfast joint will calm your senses, leaving your taste buds craving for a hearty meal. Jain food (dishes made without onions, garlic, and potatoes) is the USP of Pravin Bhai Naashta Wala. Gold Souk has a lot of businessmen who follow Jain faith and Jain food is a huge hit among them. That said, their menu is inviting enough for anyone who comes famished after a tour around Gold souk.



    On The Menu

    The age-old restaurant specializes in traditional Gujarati cuisine, serving authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu is packed with all things Indian, think paratha, puri, poha, thepla and more. And of course, you can complete your breakfast with a plate of crispy, orange jalebis– just like a true Gujarati.

    Credits: Pravin Bhai Naashta Wala Facebook

    Credits: Pravin Bhai Naashta Wala Facebook

    They serve authentic, unlimited Gujarati thali for lunch and dinner. The thali includes roti, two vegetables, papad, dhal, salad, rice, chutney and a dessert. And the grand thali is priced at AED 21.  In case you prefer a light meal, go for their limited thali that includes sabzi, roti, dal and rice. If thalis are cliche, opt for something wholesome- their Chole Bhature, rajma chawal, and Sindhi khadi chawal are to die for.

    Apart from these dishes, Naashta Wala also serves chaat like pani puri, bhel puri and ragda patties. Lip-smacking desserts and hot and cold beverages are also part of the restaurant’s menu.

    What Else?

    Last, but no the least, do not leave the premises without savouring their signature – chips sandwich, made using crispy golden french fries, samosas and oodles of cheese. Hungry yet? Head to this humble restaurant in Gold souk and eat like a king without burning your wallet.


    Location: Near Gold Souq Deira, Al Ras
    Timings: 8am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm
    Cost: AED 60 for two
    Contact: 04 2268296

    Vaishnavi Venkataraman
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