This Twitter User Orders 20 Burgers Every Week & The Reason Is, Well, Gonna Leave You Straight-Faced!

by Shreya Rathod 197

Hectic schedules, deadlines, and daily commitments have certainly changed our lifestyles. In addition, cooking meals three times a day is not something we wish to do. The solution to this? Food delivery apps, of course. Ordering food has made our lives effortless. Also, we have adjusted to rely on online food ordering and accepted it as an option. Although, the main concern is the quantity or frequency of online food ordering. How many times should we eat takeouts? Is it good for our health? Such questions seldom occur to us before ordering. Recently, a tweet about ordering 20 burgers every week has left everyone startled.

Ordering 20 Burgers Every Week

20 burger

Picture Credits: Unsplash

The tweet, posted by the user, shows a burger warming up in a microwave. The caption with the burger image is what’s interesting. It stated that the user orders 20 burgers every week in order to save up on delivery fees. Furthermore, the user heats these cheeseburgers and eats them throughout the week. The order is from DoorDash, a food delivery company in the United States.

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The post has left netizens confused. Of course, some people think saving on delivery fees is a good idea, but the shelf life of burgers is a matter of concern. Some users replied burgers would taste like chewing gum. Others stated that they would rather starve than eat this.

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This isn’t the first bizarre food story that has gone viral. One Chinese restaurant owner laced the noodles with opiates to get the customers addicted to the food. Elsewhere, a Kentucky-based jewellery company introduced necklaces and earrings made from fried chicken bones. And that too gold-plated bones. So, what do you think about this crazy story?

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