This Two Humped Ladakhi Camel Is The Cutest Ride You’ll Get!

by Jinal Inamdar
This Two Humped Ladakhi Camel Is The Cutest Ride You’ll Get!

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Enjoy an aerial view of the Himalayan & Karakoram ranges, seated on this unique Bactrian camel while the sun sets in the beautiful sand-dunes of the Nubra Valley.

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What Is It?

The first view of the Bactrian camel from a distance did not disappoint. We saw them walking in a silhouette trail against the beautiful sun-setting sky. I’d heard a lot about these two humped camels and was quite excited to witness them for real. And they were indeed a treat to the eyes; sauntering in the sand dunes of Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

Two-humped camel at Nubra Valley
Two-humped camel at Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Here are some facts about the Bactrian camel that I found out, on my trip to Nubra Valley, that make this beautiful animal a must-see:

  1. The camel trek of Ladakh is a unique experience. Such a trek has only existed in the Gobi desert of Mongolia and in China. These two-humped camels are found just in cold climatic regions.
  2. These camels have evolved from the regular one-humped camels that you see in Rajasthan or other hotter regions of the world. They’ve evolved with a second hump just so they can acclimatize to the cold and dry areas, they are found at.
  3. A full-grown adult camel weighs about 816 kgs can drink up to 113 litres of water in just 13 minutes! You have to really see them do it, to believe this!
  4. Apparently, these camels can survive the harshest weather conditions. Ranging from -5 degrees to 30 degrees, they can stride through it gleefully!
  5. The camels are quite calm and composed as long as you do the usual- sit on it as guided by the men there, enjoy your ride and get down. But if you scream (which people usually do when the camel sits and stands), the camels tend to get agitated and try to run. Yes. So stay calm and just enjoy that ‘humpy-bumpy’ ride.

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Bactrian Camel, Nubra Valley
Bactrian Camel, Nubra Valley

Why Must You Experience This?

The ride on the Bactrian camel is unmatched to any other for the simple reason that this camel in itself is a delight to watch! It’s a perfect amalgamation of tranquility and wilderness at the same time. The location of the camel ride is so picturesque, you’d want to stay there for longer than you would have actually planned a ‘camel ride’!

Ride on the Bactrian Camel
Ride on the Bactrian Camel

Plus, they are so abundantly furry and cute, you just want to go hug one, and hold onto them forever! 

What To Note:

The camel ride is priced at ₹180 for 15 minutes and for photography (if you want them to photograph you) the charge is ₹50. Entry fee to Nubra Valley is ₹20 per vehicle.


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