This UAE Airport Is Set to Become the World’s Largest. No, It’s Not Dubai International Airport

by Deeplata Garde
This UAE Airport Is Set to Become the World’s Largest. No, It’s Not Dubai International Airport

The United Arab Emirates has been bustling with the news about the creation of the world’s largest airport. We understand if you are tempted to speculate that Dubai International Airport is the contender. However, let us clarify that it isn’t. Your guess is on the right path, but not quite there.

Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport Is The New Contender

Presently, Dubai International Airport (DXB) stands as the globe’s most bustling traveller hub as indicated by Euronews. Currently, King Fahd International Airport is in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Yet, DXB’s sibling will challenge both of these titles. Recent announcements from officials reveal ambitious intentions for Dubai’s second airport. It is known as Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). It aims to accommodate over 250 million passengers annually by 2050. This achievement will come after substantial upgrades and enhancements. At present, the airport’s yearly passenger count rests at a modest 1.6 million.

Al Maktoum International Airport, also called Dubai World Central, is situated in Jebel Ali, 37 kilometres southwest of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its inauguration took place on June 27, 2010. It constitutes the central component of Dubai South, a planned multifaceted zone encompassing residences, commerce, and logistics.

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Project Expansion

Upon full completion, the airport will encompass diverse transportation modes, logistics, and value-added services. It will include manufacturing and assembly, within a unified free economic zone. It was initially projected for 2027, now set for completion in 2030. Encompassing 35,000 acres, it will emerge as a substantial hub. The airport’s anticipated annual capacity stands at 12 million tonnes of freight and an estimated 160 million to 260 million passengers.

As of 2021, only a limited number of airlines operated passenger services from Al Maktoum International Airport, with a primary focus on freight operations. Yet, its extensive dimensions and capacity position it to establish a notable presence in the aviation sector, positioning it as a formidable contender for the world’s largest airport title. We have obtained information about the number of passengers and the overall size of the airport from Wikipedia.

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Airports/Website