This Uber Driver Has Special Games For His Passengers; Netizens Say They Won’t Get Off Such Ride

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Uber Driver Has Special Games For His Passengers; Netizens Say They Won’t Get Off Such Ride

Apps like Uber have made our lives so easy! With just a few clicks, we can go to our desired place. All of you must have had your share of experiences with Uber drivers. Some might have been good while others were bad. But this passenger from a viral video just got lucky with the best. This Uber driver created games for the passengers to keep them entertained. 

This Uber Driver Has Special Games For His Passengers

A Twitter user booked an Uber and simply got lucky.  His Uber driver came up with the most innovative idea when he installed a tablet on the backside of the headrest of the passenger seat. This tablet had innovative, fun games for the passenger to play and stay entertained throughout the journey. 

As the clip posted on Twitter progresses, the  passenger is confronted with an engaging quiz that includes multiple-choice questions, a sort of maze, and other hurdles. 

The game’s most intriguing aspect is that the primary character of the animated game is none other than the driver himself. How interesting and cool is that? Towards the end of the video, the driver asks his passenger whether he is enjoying his time or not. He also mentions that he loves driving his car. 

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A Completely Fun Experience

This video, which showcases the innovative and smart skills of the driver, has by far garnered over 1.7 million views and over 8,800 likes on Twitter. 

The person who posted the video captioned it, saying he would never get off such a ride. Many netizens actually agreed with the person. Some passengers mentioned that they would hire this Uber only to play games on the tablet that look a lot fun and interesting from the video. 

In the comments section, netizens looked completely impressed with the man’s love and passion for his job. Many also spoke about how the main character of the game saying no when one answers wrong is funny. 

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What are your views on the video?

Cover Image Courtesy: @0xEnjooyer/Twitter